StoryFlow Creative Studio has helped global public health and environmental nonprofits, digital industrial giants and cutting-edge biotech companies tell human stories for more than a decade.

We apply the art of multimedia storytelling to help companies and organizations communicate what they do, who they are, and what they believe in. We forge elegant narratives using modern tools for people working to change the world.

“If you’re a brand looking to build a successful content division, or just launch a site that delivers ROI, finding an editor who can handle this balancing act is imperative. Want examples of who’s killing it out there? Look at Michael Keller... ”
— Melissa Lafsky, Contently

Our passion is untangling complexity to tell compelling stories about our modern world. Our work translates and brings to life subjects ranging from cutting-edge science and technology to political affairs, energy and climate change. 

We are writers, designers, video documentarians and editors fluent in the language of all media formats. We produce potent written content from 140 characters to 100,000 words long. With a highly tuned eye for the visual narrative, our video projects range from one minute up to five seasons of hour-long programming. Our designers and visual artists develop captivating infographics and extended animations for clients. Our cutting-edge capabilities include interactive multimedia microsite production, FAA-certified drone camera pilot footage and 360°/VR projects.

Storytelling is a process, not a product. So we are constantly learning to push the bounds of how we can best develop high-impact narratives for your audience.