Turning Your Audience Into Your Tribe

The future of business communication is here. Audiences want information and more. They want to feel like they belong, to be heard and to connect to brands and each other in meaningful ways. They want to contribute to solving big problems.

Audiences —whether they’re potential customers, investors or employees — want to be part of a tribe.

We help startups and established companies that are aiming to disrupt the status quo converse with the world. Our winning approach is to engage audiences with powerful stories, expertly infused data and authentic portrayals of the people, products and ideas that make an enterprise stand out. We also work to connect brands to universally felt social virtues, which help audiences awash in choice become aware, engaged and loyal customers.

StoryFlow creates multimedia narratives that help companies highlight what makes them unique. It’s all about building your tribe.


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We worked with technology company HP and The New York Times to produce content for The Garage. This work helped audiences understand the future trends impacting different industries and how HP’s products are playing critical roles.

Remote Work Boosts Productivity-reported feature

Voice Recognition Disrupts Marketing-reported feature



 StoryFlow worked with Forbes to create content for companies using the media corporation's brand storytelling platform. This collaboration allowed companies like Microsoft, Cole Haan and Folgers connect to the Forbes audience with stories that highlighted boldness, creativity and cultural acuity.

Virtual Teamwork Hubs Crowdsource Creativity-reported feature

Standing Up: Comedian Joel Kim Booster's Boldest Gamble? Trusting Himself-reported profile

Museum Director Hits Art World Stratosphere With A Subtropical Twist-reported profile

Like Rocket Fuel For Creativity, App Unleashes Power Of Diverse Marketing Team-reported feature 

Zola Electric

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Zola Electric is a company dedicated to finding technology solutions for the billions of people around the world with no or intermittent access to the electric grid.

As it grew beyond its initial offering, the company realized it needed renaming and rebranding. Zola executives asked StoryFlow to review, recommend copywriting and edit content across its website.

The resulting property more clearly and powerfully shows to people across the developing world how a simple light switch is no longer out of reach.