Spotlighting Effectiveness & Talent

It's no surprise that the general public has a muddied and unflattering view of the government. News coverage focuses on all that is bad and broken.

Lost in that narrative are the tens of thousands of dedicated, passionate scientists, diplomats and other professionals who quietly do amazing things every day. They search for disease cures, monitor for hazards of all stripes and help improve capacity in domestic and foreign institutions around the world. 

These are the stories of government employees in action, doing their part to make the U.S. and the world a better place.

Africa Center for Strategic Studies

U.S. Department of Defense


StoryFlow Creative collaborated with the Center for Homeland Security and Resilience and the DoD Laboratory Enterprise to bring the department's cutting-edge scientific research to life. 

We created several long-form articles, each several thousand words in length, to let readers go on a deep dive. Each piece is designed to be engaging and informative, telling the human stories of innovators pushing human knowledge forward.

DoD Lab Narratives Website

We worked with the U.S. Department of Defense-affiliated think tank to improve their public information efforts. Over the course of a multi-month engagement, our founder brought in nonfiction writing and journalistic techniques to help the center communicate its work building citizen security by strengthening institutions.

Among our public information release improvements, we also recommended producing regular podcasts with center experts and multimedia content like audio slideshows and others where appropriate.

Public Information Narrative Sample (pdf)

Outstanding reportage on the Lord’s Resistance Army, Uganda, and U.S. perceptions/approaches. Thanks for the fine writing.
— Ambassador (ret) William M. Bellamy, former ACSS Director, National Defense University